2017 JWWC Poster – Unsigned


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Event poster from the 2017 Junior World Championship in Tokyo, Japan. Note that this is unsigned, as shown on the left in the photo. The signed one is available on a separate page — it was signed by the artist and also by Hiromi Miyake, 48kg Olympic medalist for Japan in 2012 and 2016.

NOTE: most of the posters have a minor amount of damage such as a small tear, dented on an edge or corner, etc. Most were damaged before we acquired them. Please keep that in mind when ordering. Poster will NOT be mint condition. All that being said, none have sustained major damage that makes them unusable. All of the damage is around the edges of the poster and it’s pretty minor on most posters.

The poster is about 28.75″/73cm by 20.5″/52cm.