Colombia Yellow/Blue/Red National Team Weightlifting Singlet




Made from 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Contains a silicon strip at the bottom of the leg opening to prevent slippage. Zip up back with a loop on the back for ease of zipping and unzipping.

The size recommendations from the manufacturer are as follows:

  • XS: 40/44/48 female, 50 male. Height 5’1″ or less.
  • Small: 53/58 female, 56 male. Height 5’2″-5’4″.
  • Medium: 63/69 female, 62/69 male. Height 5’5″-5’6″.
  • Large: 75 female, 77/85 male. Height 5’7″-5’8″.
  • XL: 75+ female, 94 male. Height 5’9″-5’10”.
  • XXL: 105 male. Height 5’11″+.
  • Do not order if you are 115kg+ or 6’2″+ — you will not fit.

Note that the above size recommendations are rough and if you are on the border of a size, you may want to size up or down. If you are unsure and on the border, size up as they run a bit smaller than Adidas for the same named size. In addition, if you are in one size for height and one size for weight, you should tend towards the bigger size.

No returns. Exchanges allowed within the USA/Canada (you pay return shipping, we pay shipping back to you) as long as the singlets are in original condition with nothing stretched or torn. No exchanges for locations outside the USA/Canada unless you are willing to pay return shipping and our shipping cost back to you.

Additional Information

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