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If you see any image/images on the hookgrip facebook or instagram, you can order it as a custom poster here. Simply increase the quantity to whatever number of posters you want.

When you check out from the hookgrip store there will be an area called “Order Notes” on the same page where you put in your address. In the “order notes” box, specify which image (or images, if you order more than one) you’d like and we will be in touch with you if the order isn’t super clear (ie, if you ask for a sequence of a specific lift from a specific lifter, we will likely just ship it to you unless there are some options as to different ways to display it — but if you ask for a certain lifter in a snatch bottom position but you don’t specify the weight, we will email you with some options).

The poster will be 30″x20″ (76.2cm x 50.8cm) with a 1/8″ (3.2mm) white border. Or 18″x12″ without a white border. 18″x12″ posters are only available for cases where we have already edited the poster and you’ve seen it on hookgrip in some form as a poster or in 3:2 aspect ratio format.

For some examples of potential posters, click here to check out this page on However, that is a tiny percentage of the actual posters that we can ship out. If you need assistance, please email with your questions. However, as a matter of policy, we do not do proofs of potential posters until the order is placed — unfortunately a number of individuals have wasted our time in the past by asking for proofs, agreeing they liked the proofs and then deciding against ordering. So, order/pay first, then we’ll make a proof for you! If you don’t like the proof, we can do a refund.

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30×20, 18×12

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