Black Friday & Cyber Monday FAQ

Q: Can I unbundle things?  I don’t want everything in the bundle.  Or can I swap something out if it’s the same or lower price?

A: You can still order things as usual through the cart, but the promotional prices are only available for the bundles as listed.  We can’t swap out items like tshirts or socks or other items, even if it’s the same or lower price.  We picked certain items for the bundles on purpose.  We know, of course, that the bundles won’t work for everyone or that you may be ordering a product which you don’t need right now but that is impossible to avoid when doing promotional bundles.

Q: My email isn’t being answered.  It’s been a few hours and I need to change or cancel my order, what’s up?

A: Order volume tends to be high during this time of year and our staff is mostly packing orders. We will be checking emails but please be patient. If possible, please avoid order changes once you place an order because we are streamlining packing to expedite shipping times. At this time of year, it may not be possible to change orders once they are placed.  Please order carefully and check with any friends who might want to get in on a bulk order before you finalize your order.

Q: Can I return or exchange something in the bundle?

A: Due to promotional pricing on the bundles, we will not allow any returns or exchanges for items purchased through a bundle.  Please don’t order unless you know your size.  If you’re unsure of your size, please order the item through the normal cart process and we can do a normal domestic US size exchange if the item doesn’t fit. Due to shipping costs, it rarely makes sense to do an international order size exchange.

Q: There was one thing in my bundle that was damaged.  Please reship it.

A: Due to the costs involved in shipping one small item, we reserve the right to do a prorated refund for items damaged in shipment for items shipped as part of a bundle.  For instance, if you receive a damaged sock in a 30+ item order, we may elect to simply do a prorated (based on the retail value) refund rather than shipping a single pair of socks to Australia, or similar.  The economics don’t work for discounted products, discounted shipping and small item reshipments.  Damaged items in our shipments are quite rare, however.

Q: Why isn’t [certain item] included?  That’s what I wanted.

A: Sometimes it was a technical reason.  In other words, our store software didn’t allow us to do certain things.  For instance, we couldn’t list a category as a bundle item (ie, pick any item in this category) — we could only list a product.  This led us to putting less tshirt bundles up.  However, in most cases, we didn’t do bundles because we couldn’t discount that item due to our own costs.  For instance, Anta shoes are not included because they are a low profit margin item (they cost us a lot) and there’s no room to discount them effectively while maintain profitability.  In other cases, we didn’t include certain items in bundles because we don’t have much stock of them and we didn’t want to bundle something when we only have a few in stock (ie, we left out pink 2.0 knee sleeves from the pink power packs because we are quite low in size S).

Q: I bought something similar to a bundle a month ago, can I add in the missing item(s) and get the discount?

A: No, the bundle pricing is only available to those who check out with it on the store.

Q: Something is out of stock in a bundle, can I have a raincheck?

A: No rainchecks, sorry!  All bundles are while supplies remain.  We will do our best to monitor stocks and we will remove bundles where something is out of stock.  Or we may change the bundle to include another item or price, depending on what options are workable.