2019 Junior Nationals / Pan Am Trials

At the 2019 Junior Nationals / Pan Am Trials, we took photos of both platforms by swiveling in the middle, so when two lifts were going at the same time, we were only taking photos of one platform. This means a lot of lifts are missing from the photos. We did get videos of many of these missed lifts. We also skipped some first/last sessions depending on the day. You can read more detail about this below in the notes.

For this meet, to increase posting speed, we have skipped our normal in-depth photo review process. Therefore some photos will be out of focus or not framed correctly as we typically delete those before uploading.

Here are the photos (right-click and then choose “save file as” or “save link as”). See the notes section below if you have any questions:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

A couple of other things to note here:

  • When we were pivoting between the two platforms, we had to pick and choose, so we were mainly prioritizing 2nd/3rd attempts to try to capture PRs or competition PRs rather than openers. But due to various circumstances there could be reasons why we have a bunch of extra pictures of someone and very few pictures of another person. But for most cases where we shot the full session, we should have 2-4 lifts covered per athlete. If a lift is missing, that means we didn’t shoot it with the photos camera or it is possible that it was way out of focus and we deleted it in our quick review of the photos. We probably do have video of it if we were there for other lifts around it, as we were shooting video for both platforms for 99% of lifts. Video can be purchased here: https://store.hookgrip.com/shop/digital-media/
  • Just repeating the note from above, these files have been very minimally reviewed. That means there will definitely be out of focus photos. We wanted to get these online quicker than usual, so we skipped the somewhat timely review process. There also could be photos in the wrong album or similar because we split up tens of thousands of photos from red/blue platforms that were being taken at the same time — if you notice that, please let us know at support@hookgrip.com.
  • Use a computer to download these, not a phone or tablet.
  • We can’t provide tech support for these files. We’ve tested the files and they’re working for us but we can’t guarantee everything will go smoothly with your computer. If you need support due to technical issues, you can buy your data here: https://store.hookgrip.com/shop/digital-media/. We will be able to provide tech support for purchases.
  • These are big files. Depending on your internet speed, they may take several minutes to download. Be patient. We list the file size next to each zip file.

If you have any other questions not answered above, please feel free to contact us at support@hookgrip.com.