2021 USAW National Championship Week

At the 2021 USAW National Championship Week we took some photos of youth, junior and senior sessions — however, a lot of the sessions were not covered via photo (only video) so all three are fairly limited in coverage or missing significant chunks of photos. The staff doing the coverage mainly focused on videos.

For this meet, we did do a quick check to eliminate the blurry photos but, since it was a quick check, that means some blurry photos will escape our review. You may find some poorly cropped or out of focus photos.

Here are the photos (right-click and then choose “save file as” or “save link as”). See the notes section below if you have any questions:

Youth Nationals (3 sessions):

Junior Nationals (5 sessions):

  • 55A female (239mb, 1138 images)
  • 59A (33mb, 148 images)
  • 73A (100mb, 472 images)
  • 64A (277mb, 1307 images)
  • 71A (435mb, 2174 images)

Senior Nationals (13 sessions):

  • 67B (182mb, 871 images)
  • 59B (514mb, 2455 images)
  • 45A 49A (51mb, 252 images)
  • 55A female (38mb, 167 images)
  • 81A male (27mb, 123 images)
  • 64C (254mb, 1158 images)
  • 64A (460mb, 2150 images)
  • 71A (41mb, 187 images)
  • 96A (427mb, 1889 images)
  • 109A (124mb, 552 images)
  • +109A (206mb, 917 images)
  • 76A (525mb, 2459 images)
  • 81A female (253mb, 1181 images)

A couple of other things to note here:

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  • These are big files. Depending on your internet speed, they may take several minutes to download. Be patient. We list the file size next to each zip file.

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