Stock Status Pages

We’ve written custom software for our store that displays our stock across products and sizes at a glance. If you’re only interested in, say, XS or 3XL, these pages can make ordering a lot easier. It also makes it easier for us to view stock at a glance and reorder products on time.

One important note is that this software only displays products which have a XS/S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL size associated with it. If the size is something like shoe size or knee wrap length, it will not appear on these pages. In addition, if it has a strange size (like L/XL), then it also won’t appear correctly. But almost all products with a “size” aspect to them will appear correctly.

Because these pages are pulling a lot of numbers from the store, they can take a long time to load depending on the number of items being displayed. Therefore we have split them up a bit by category. Here are the categories that are available (some products will appear in multiple categories below):