Anta Chinese Weightlifting Shoe (no restock)


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April 22nd, 2016 Update: We do not plan on restocking this colorway of this model shoe. Once these red/yellow Anta shoes are out of stock, they are gone. We have a new colorway (black/red) in stock at this product page:

Important Note!

We can only ship these shoes to USA, Europe (including UK & Ireland), Australia and Canada. These are rules imposed on us by Anta, we requested to be able to ship shoes worldwide. The store will not let you check out with a shipping address outside of the allowed countries. At this time we are negotiating terms with an outside company which will buy shoes from us at wholesale and sell the shoes worldwide — details forthcoming.

In additional, all international orders will ship without a box to save on shipping costs. In many cases, adding the box adds $15-$20 in our shipping costs.

Product Description

Leather upper, TPU sole. Made by “Anta Sports Products Limited” in China. These are the same shoes as those worn by the Chinese national team but due to rules Anta must follow, the word “China” has been changed to “Anta” on the black strap and the Chinese National Flag on the red strap has been replaced with a small hookgrip logo. Anta cannot export products with the word China or representations of the Chinese flag.

Heel Height

At this point, we have no accurate way to actually measure effective heel height without destroying a pair of shoes. Based on feel alone, the heel height feels equivalent to the Nike Romaleo. Note that the heel height cannot be judged from looking at the shoe as the plastic cup on the heel rises well above where the heel actually rises to.

Size Information

We have done size testing and we’ve concluded that these shoes fit VERY similar to Nike Romaleo 2s with the slight exception that they are very slightly narrower. If you look at our photos, you can see identical size Anta and Romaleo 2s lined up next to each other. If you order the same size as your Romaleo 2s, there is a very high likelihood that these Antas will fit. The Antas run slightly wider than the Adidas Adipower but are very slightly shorter in our tests. But due to the width differences, they feel like similar sizing as well — although not quite as similar as the Romaleo. We plan on doing more size comparisons in the future but this is all we’ve done at this point.

These are the sizes that are available: 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 12.5, 13.5, 14.5. Note that we ordered every size available from size 1.5 to 14.5 — we did not skip any sizes like 6.5, 7.5, etc. For whatever reason, these are the sizes that are made available by Anta and the lack of other sizes are out of our control.

Returns & Exchange Policy for Anta shoes

  • We will carefully pack all shoes however, we are not guaranteeing that the shoe box will be free of imperfections. Do not purchase this item if a pristine shoe box is important to you. Please contact us at and we will provide you with an increased shipping quote that will allow us to carefully pack both the shoes and the shoes box.
  • For pre-orders, there are NO returns and exchanges. No exceptions.
  • For other orders, there are no refunds but you can exchange your shoes within 21 days of order date or 7 days of delivery date (as stated on the tracking) — whichever is less — provided that everything is in original condition. No scuffs, usage, smells, destroyed box, missing items. You also are responsible for return shipping and shipping back to you.

Shipping Costs

For any other items on the hookgrip store, we ship under a simple flat rate shipping of $6 flat for orders within the USA and $20 flat for orders outside the USA.

However, we will charge increased shipping prices for these shoes because, well, we would lose money if we had to ship at our normal flat rate charges. Therefore, any cart containing shoes will be charged at a rate of $15/pair ($20 for 12+ due to weight and $10 for small sizes) inside the USA and $40/pair ($45 for 12+ due to weight and $35 for small sizes) outside of the USA. These prices reflect our actual costs to ship the shoes, we are not attempting to profit on the shipping charge. Keep in mind that you can add as many non-shoe items to your cart as you’d like without facing increased shipping charges over what is being charged for the shoes.

Anta Sizing Chart

This information comes straight from a chart that Anta prints on the bottom of the box. This information may or may not translate to shoes you’ve worn from other manufacturers.

Anta Size Chart
1.5 .5 33 200
2.5 1.5 34 210
3 2 35 215
4 3 36 225
5 4 37.5 235
5.5 4.5 38 235
6 5 38.5 240
7 6.5 40 250
8 7 41 255
8.5 7.5 42 260
9.5 8.5 43 270
10 9 44 270
11 10 45 280
12 11 46 290
12.5 11.5 47 295
13.5 12.5 48 305
14.5 13.5 49 310

Additional Information

1.5 US, 2.5 US, 3 US, 4 US, 5 US, 5.5 US, 6 US, 7 US, 8 US, 8.5 US, 9.5 US, 10 US, 11 US, 12 US, 12.5 US, 13.5 US, 14.5 US