Last Updated: Feb 17th, 2022

Shipping and Tracking

My tracking number says expected delivery day of Wednesday. Wednesday came and went, no tracking update or package, what happened?

We wish that USPS would not put the “expected delivery day” on their tracking page because they miss it a huge % of the time and it just causes confusion for all involved. Missing the expected delivery day is nothing to be concerned about, it’s totally normal and your package is still on the way. See below for more Q/A on shipping issues. Also see our international shipping policy which contains a lot of information on how shipping outside of the USA works.

Do you offer shipment tracking?

Yes, all of our shipments are tracked. You will receive an “order completed” email with a tracking link when your order is shipped. For shipments within the USA, we typically ship USPS. However, for shipments 4lbs and up, oftentimes UPS is a better option, so slightly heavier orders may ship out via UPS. All of these carriers offer relatively detailed point to point tracking.

For shipments headed outside of the USA, we ship using DHL Global Mail, which is a discounted division of DHL. It isn’t as fast as their premium product, DHL Express. However, it does have end-to-end tracking for almost every country in the world. There are just a few very rare cases where delivery tracking is not supported.

For more information, please refer to our int’l shipping policy.

How fast is shipping?

It varies. We ship USA-bound items every weekday (Monday-Friday) so typically your in-stock items will ship within 48 business hours — occasionally longer if you order on a Monday and we are backed up with orders from the weekend. Note that business hours refers to roughly 9-5pm Mon-Fri ET in the USA. So if you order on a Friday afternoon, that item is expected to ship on either Monday or Tuesday. In addition, if it’s a busy time of the year, order processing can go a bit slower. T-Shirts and other in stock items (knee wraps, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, etc) will ship out faster than posters which are printed on-demand, picked up and shipped out. With posters, it can take a few extra days for your item to ship as we print them as they are ordered. And that’s with regards to how fast the item gets to USPS or UPS.

Once it’s in the hands of USPS/UPS, delivery times can vary widely. For most items (well over 90% of items shipped within the USA), USPS/UPS will have them to you by five business days from the date that we send it. However, the occasional package does get held up and it can take a week or two to reach you. It’s much more common for tubes (ie, posters) to receive slow shipping than for general packages. In very rare cases, three to four weeks has happened with domestic packages (that’s well under 1% of packages). At the point where the package is in the mail, we have no control over expediting it from that point so we’re just checking the tracking system along with you. Since we have delivery tracking domestically, obviously we’ll make sure that you get what you ordered if, for some reason, a package is lost within the USA.

For items outside of the USA, we will put together a chart of expected shipping times on our Int’l Shipping page.

Do you ship worldwide?

For the most part. Due to fraud and shipment delivery problems in certain countries we have eliminated some countries from our checkout process. If don’t see a payment method at checkout, you are trying to ship to a country that we don’t sell to via the checkout process. However, if you still want to place an order, email us at support@hookgrip.com and we will work with you to get the order placed. From certain countries, we may only take bitcoin as payment due to rampant credit card fraud.

Returns and Exchanges

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We don’t accept returns unless there’s something wrong with the product that we shipped. We don’t accept exchanges for things like a new color or alternative item or for non-USA orders — for non-USA orders, the shipping is usually prohibitively expensive to do exchanges. Please be careful about what you order to non-USA destinations so there aren’t sizing issues.

For domestic orders, we’ll exchange out an identical item if it doesn’t fit but we strongly recommend that you check the information about the shirt/item blank that you’re ordering. In the case of exchanges, you pay return shipping to us, we pay for the shipping the new item back to you. We always state what the item is being made with and we try to link to information about the product. However, we do know that sizing issues do occasionally happen and we’re willing to accommodate as best we can. Any used or washed product cannot be exchanged as we cannot resell it in that condition.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is a $6 flat rate for anywhere in the USA.

Outside of the USA, for the 44 countries where we ship via DHL Global Mail, we have a tier system based on weight. This means the shipping cost will range from $8-20. We have tiers at $8 (up to 200g), $10 (201-400g), $12 (401-600g), $14 (601-800g) and then $20 (unlimited weight).

For the countries where we don’t ship via DHL Global Mail, we only use DHL Express and those charges are not tiered. They are pulled directly from our DHL account and the prices range from reasonable to absurd, depending on the country it’s being shipped to. DHL Express can be fairly expensive but the prices are something that we don’t have much control over. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as easy, cheap, fast and reliable shipping to some areas of the world — we wish there was, however.

We also have a coupon code “hookgrip” which will enable free shipping for carts over $100, not including Romaleos, Antas, thumb tape and ATG hoodies. This works both in the USA and outside the USA. However, it only works for the USA and the 45 countries where we ship via DHL Global Mail.

Note, Anta shoes in your cart will trigger different shipping prices. We discuss the Anta shipping costs on the Anta product page.


How do your shirts fit? Are they for fat Americans?

First of all, seriously, we get that question all the time — usually specifying that American sizes run gigantic. Second of all, the shirts are, for the most part, made by either Next Level or American Apparel. You can read more about the Next Level 6210, along with size specifications, by clicking here. To us, the shirts fit normally and do not shrink. Note that items marked female cut are a lot smaller than male cut shirts, so you should check on the links in the description for sizing information. The same person might need a small male shirt or a large or XL female tank and actually the tank would fit tighter than the shirt.

Do you plan on coming out with a poster of {some lifter}?

No probably not. We get too many different poster requests. For that reason, we added the Custom Poster option. It lets you order a poster of pretty much whomever you’d like (just by mentioning in the “order notes” what you’d like, we’ll confirm with you before shipping out anything that isn’t super obvious which image you’d like) without us needing to add hundreds of posters to the store to accommodate everyone’s preferences. Note that, per the request of the Chinese federation, we don’t print posters of Chinese athletes anymore.

Are you going to get a {insert item} back in stock?

Usually, yes. We tend to keep a few core colors in stock as much as possible. We do some short-run shirts which are usually only available in M, L and XL. New shirts typically come in every month or so and we’ve gotten better about keep more shirts on hand in the common sizes (ie, M & L) so hopefully your desired shirt isn’t out of stock! If you’re curious about something, you can always email store@hookgrip.com for more information. Items which are not going to come back into stock are marked “Discontinued” — the reasons for discontinuation are many but whatever is left on the store is all that we will be selling.

Are you going to get {some certain item}?

We’re open to putting more hookgrip items in the store if there’s demand for the items and we think that it’s a good item being offered at a fair price. You will likely see more items and more apparel designs filter in over time. We don’t want to rush into anything that we haven’t checked out as a product. But, in general, we are open to ideas and we want to bring good products to market.

I want a whole bunch of something. Do you offer bulk discounts?

That depends. We do offer wholesale for large purchases of bulk amounts of certain products. If you’d like to know more about wholesale, please email wholesale@hookgrip.com for more information.


Do you guys have discounts for military, student, elderly? What about coupon codes?

We believe in just keeping prices low for everyone. We have lots of high-quality shirts on here for $18-20 that would be $25-30 at most other sites. Our snapbacks are $20 when they’re $25-35 elsewhere. Our wrist wraps are $15/pair when similar styles are $20-35 elsewhere. The list goes on, basically everything we sell (outside of vintage shoes, which are a different animal) is at or below market price. So that’s our strategy, low prices all the time, no coupon codes, discounts or similar. Everyone can see our prices at all times without wondering if someone else is getting a better deal and you don’t have to worry buying for full price and then us doing some crazy 25% sale every other month. It’s definitely a different approach than the rest of the industry but we think this is better in the long run than prices that swing crazily all the time.