International Shipping Policy

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2016

Other than Anta shoes, we ship worldwide. However, due to some problems that we’ve had with this in the past, as of January 2016 we are implementing the following. First, a little background:

  • How much is shipping? Inside the USA, $6 flat for unlimited items. Outside of the USA, $20 flat for unlimited items. The only exception is Anta shoes, which have increase shipping rates and the price is listed on the Anta product page — it depends on the size and destination.
  • How do you ship packages? We ship via the United States Postal Service (USPS) for all mail. Within the USA, this means “First Class Mail” for all packages under 13oz (about 365g) and “Priority Mail” for all packages above 365g. Outside of the USA, we ship “First Class Mail International” for all packages up to 4lbs (about 1.8kg) and “Priority Mail International” for all packages above 4lbs/1.8kg. These are the weight requirements imposed by USPS policies.
  • How are packages tracked? Outside of the USA, USPS is tracked to the following countries: AUS, BEL, CAN, EST, FIN, GER, GBR, HUN, ISR, LAT, LTU, MAS, MLT, NED, NZL, SIN, ESP, SUI. In addition, these countries have been tracked in the past but, as of Jan 2016, the service is suspended: AUT, BRA, DEN, ISL, ITA, LUX, MEX, POL, POR, KSA, SRB, SVK. This means that major/modern/etc countries like Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Japan, Korea, etc do NOT offer tracking to USPS packages which are in their countries. This means that our tracking will simply stop at the last place it gets scanned in the USA — typically in Jamaica, NY, a suburb of New York City. However, for the countries in the first list above, the mail will receive some limited tracking once it’s arrived in the destination country and it will also get marked with a “delivered” status upon delivery.
  • What can be done to track down a missing package? For the most part, nothing can be done to track down a missing First Class Mail package. At least from our end. On occasion (and this depends on the country), a recipient can plug the tracking number into their local national mail carrier’s website and receive some information. Our tracking number doubles as a customs tracking number for most national mail services so if someone inquires with their national customs service, oftentimes they can get information on the reason for the holdup. In addition, sometimes recipients can contact their local post office (it will be whatever the national mail carrier is, such as Royal Mail in the UK or Canada Post in Canada) and get more information on the status of the package and what could be the reason for the holdup.
  • What typically causes a holdup in delivery? ALMOST all of the time, the reason for the holdup in delivery of an int’l package is related to customs in the destination country. The number of times we’ve had a problem with a package for other reasons is extremely low. Sometimes customs is inspecting the item, sometimes they are trying to contact the recipient with questions, sometimes they are trying to collect money, etc. This sort of thing is very country dependent and it’s also just random good or bad luck. We’ve had big orders sail through with no customs issues and we’ve had tiny orders (maybe $10) get held up for a long time. It just depends and unfortunately, int’l shipping has these issues. However, if your package is held up, you can be pretty sure it’s something to do with customs and that you should contact your mail carrier to see if someone is trying to reach you to make a duty payment. If you state that a package is lost, most mail carriers will refer you to the shipper to “open an inquiry” but that isn’t something that will lead anywhere — USPS will not respond to an inquiry about anything sent via First Class Mail International.

So all that being said, here is our International Shipping Policy:

  • For items sent to countries which do offer tracking and delivery confirmation, we will not offer coverage of the shipment if the item is marked delivered on the online tracking system.
  • For items sent to countries which do offer tracking and delivery confirmation, if the item is not marked as being in the destination country after three weeks or not delivered after four weeks, we will resend the item.
  • For items sent to countries which do not offer tracking and delivery confirmation, if the item does not arrive, we will not offer coverage of the shipment. Note that this is extremely rare but, as there is no way for us to monitor the item, the easy possibility for fraud necessitates this policy. If you’d like to upgrade your shipping, please see below.
  • For all international shipments, we will offer upgraded guaranteed shipping with full tracking information via DHL. If you’d like guaranteed shipping, please add this DHL Deposit product to your cart. When you purchase this, we will contact you shortly after (the next business day) to arrange the exact shipment cost with you.

This policy allows us to continue to ship worldwide on all products except Anta (restricted by Anta, not by hookgrip). Thank you for your support!