Russian Knee Wraps (3.5 meters / all colors)




Important note on usage: it is not recommended to use the velcro to hold the wraps closed when you are wearing the wraps while lifting. The velcro is not strong enough for this purpose. Instead, you should pull the wrap through itself when making the final wrap around your knee as this will hold on much better. Only use the velcro for storage purposes when not using the wrap.

Made in Russia from 44% cotton, 28%PAN, 21%PES, 7% Lycra. Used by many members of the Russian national team. More durable and long-lasting than ACE bandages and thinner than typical powerlifting knee wraps which makes them more preferable for moving fast under the bar.

  • Color: black, blue/white, dark red/white, green/white
  • Sold as singles or as pairs
  • Marked as 3.5 meters long but they generally measure 4 meters long (you can cut and resew the non-velcro end if they are too long)

Light red/white and red/red are no longer available.

Additional Information

Black, Blue/White, Dark Red/White, Green

# of Wraps

Single, Pair