Custom Male Tee Back Layout 2


You can add text up to 12 characters in length. We cannot support all special characters but we can support most. Latin-character custom text will be printed in uppercase letters in the pictured font and will be preceded by the hookgrip logo — so it will be in the same format as our normal logo but with the word changed. We can’t print trademarks, famous names or inappropriate text. We also cannot write the word hookgrip so if you want our company name, it should be hkgrp or hg.

This field will only allow numbers up to 4 digits. For most classes, just write the number (ie, 49, 55, 61, etc). For 102 and 109, just write those. For superheavy categories, write as 0109 or 087. We will convert it to a plus. Note that 3 and 4 digit numbers will be less tall than 2 digit numbers because of the need to accommodate the width.

This is the color of the circle behind the lifter plus the color of the text. This will also be the color outlining the number in white. The color you pick here will replace the blue. If you want to keep the blue as pictured, you should use hex code 2666b0. If you’re not sure what a hex code is, you should go here (, use the picker to choose a color that you like and then copy the six digit letters/numbers that appears just below the words “enter a color”. We cannot support printing black or near-black colors (hex code 000000) because it is being printed on a black shirt and it won’t show up.